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Irwin Aerospace Limited is bringing the benefit of flight to millions more people - globally


We are conducting R&D on our own self-sustaining hybrid power-plant technology suited to short hop/point to point utility mission profiles.
Our solution is based on latest technology in the sector and avoids expensive hot section inspections otherwise required with legacy turboprop power-plants when operated on short hop/point to point missions. 

As operators out in the field know all too well, HSI's come up a lot quicker than otherwise may be the case on longer legs and longer mission profiles. 

Certain turboprop manufactures explicitly warn against running their products on short hop mission profiles often used on utility missions.
Our TBO and operating costs will be a fraction of those currently being paid by operators out in the field today.
Our power-plant burns Jet A1 which is found in the remotest of locations Worldwide.

Our solution will facilitate effective hybrid operations globally - even at locations and airfields where where mainline electricity is simply not available - maximising utility and operational effectiveness to our customers.


Our unique airframe has been designed with feedback received directly from operators working out in the field today. 

We facilitate vastly improved, real world solutions as compared to the outdated airframes and power plants currently in circulation.

In most locations, the average age of aircraft in operation exceed 40 years!

We have taken lessons learned and incorporated highly robust parts, assemblies and systems into the i-GT.

This ethos together with the latest FAR23 regulations* have dictated our design which will faithfully service both developed and developing regions of the World well into the future. 

 *Over 1300 changes have been recorded, specifically related to occupant safety since other aircraft in the market were certified, indicating the need for the i-GT in the market today.


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